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Vintage and Collectible Books Plus Tips On Caring For Your Classics

antique booksA page inspired by my love of books and the authors who write them.

Open an old book and you may not only be swept away by an engaging story, you can see a great deal of care and craftsmanship went into printing, selecting papers, blending inks, creating art and binding a book.  This intoxicating blend of story and art is part of what can make book collecting so alluring.


Tips on Caring For Your Vintage Book Collection:

old art booksStore your books in a cool, dry place.  Attics and basements can be too hot and dry or too damp for delicate paper.

Be careful repairing books yourself.  Tape and other adhesives can do more damage than good.  Just store the pieces with your book.

Never throw away the dust jackets.  No matter how ripped those paper covers may be, throwing them away will reduce the value of your book significantly.

Store oversized books and paper items flat.

Use acid-free wrapping paper or boxes. Never store anything in a container that was once used for food or other organic materials (it will attract pests).

Check your books periodically for insects.

Wash and dry your hands before handling your books to keep them clean.


Find more conservation tips at the Library of Congress Collections Care page..