The Lankershim Building North Hollywood

LA Architecture: The Lankershim Building

One of my favorite buildings in the San Fernando Valley is on Lankershim Boulevard, up in old North Hollywood.  It was built in 1926 and began the first of its many lives as a bank.

On January 7, 2008, she suffered a fire after undergoing restoration and renovations.
Since then, she was a trendy bar… then a trendy eatery.  No matter what you are eating or drinking there, don’t forget to enjoy the architecture.

Grand Dame of North Hollywood,
5303 Lankershim Blvd.

Lankershim Building

This architectural dream was built in 1926 as a bank.  The roof has a trim of adobe tiles, mixed with brick and Victorian carved details around the windows and doors.  She belongs on the National Register.

The neighborhood has changed and she now sits in the trendy NoHo arts district.  Not to be left out of a party, she was recently renovated as a night club called the Bank Heist.  Her early reviews were good and she was a bright spot in the newly revitalized artistic neighborhood.

Unfortunately, on Monday, January 7 LAFD responded to a fire which has gutted the building.  The roof had to be vented to control the fire and it looks like the glass in the windows are gone.  The beautiful (and rare for Los Angeles) architectural details on the outside of the building are intact.  I hope we will be restoring our Grand Dame to her former glory soon.  One sunny day last year she agreed to pose for a few pictures so I took these glamor shots:

Lankershim Building window

A side window with beautiful detail and a unique glass window.


Lankershim Building Ceiling

Just in case you decide to look up. This building is covered with little works of ceramic art. These are tiles set underneath the roof with blue enamel.

Lankershim Building Vintage Bank Alarm

The bank burglar alarm sits above a door in the back. Luckily, it hasn’t gone off in a few years.

Another detail shot of the intricate work on this beautiful building.