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Los Angeles City Flower – Bird of Paradise

Los Angeles City Tree – Corral Tree


Interesting Los Angeles and California Historical and Cultural Links

LA History & Facts  – The official website of the City of Los Angeles.  Facts and History of the City of Los Angeles, tourism links, the City Seal, and more.

California Indian Museum and Cultural Center – The goals of the Museum and Cultural Center are to educate the public about California Indian history and cultures, to showcase California Indian cultures, to enhance and facilitate these cultures and traditions through educational and cultural activities, to preserve and protect California Indian cultural and intellectual properties, and to develop relationships with other indigenous groups.

Satwiwa Native American Indian Culture Center – Find out what’s going on at the Chumash cultural center in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (U.S. National Park Service).  Learn about Chumash history and lore, view exhibits or join them around the campfire for one of their storytelling evenings.

Gabrielino-Tongva Tribe – The Tongva occupied the entire Los Angeles basin and the islands of Santa Catalina, San Nicholas, San Clemente, and Santa Barbara. From Topanga Canyon to Laguna Beach, from the San Gabriel mountains to the sea, we lived throughout most of what is now Los Angeles and Orange Counties. The existence of our people on these ancestral lands has been unbroken since long before the first contact between the Tongva and Europeans. Our ancestors were the people who rowed our remarkable Ti’ats (plank canoes) out to meet the explorer Cabrillo in 1542 off what is now San Pedro.  “Tongva” means ‘people of the earth’.

The Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indian’s region stretches from the San Fernando Valley and Santa Clartia Valley to the Antelope Valley and can be traced as far back as 450 A.D.  The Tataviam are known as ‘the people facing the sun’.

Public Art in Los Angeles – This site documents public art works, sculptural works, mosaics, and murals, in the downtown area, the University of Southern California, and other places in the city.

CAMPO de CAHUENGA –  Take a giant leap backward, and let the layers of California history and multi-cultural roots reveal themselves to you at Campo de Cahuenga. Here is the very birthplace of California, with proverbial footprints of the Tongva tribes to the treaty signers to the stagecoach riders and all the pioneers who strived to make us a nation from sea to shining sea. They all found their way through Los Angeles’ legendary Cahuenga Pass.


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