AngelCityArt New and Vintage Art & Photography

AngelCityArt New And Vintage Art and Photography

New and vintage art, beautiful sunsets, cloud swept landscapes and colorful flowers from southern California are a few of the designs I’ve created over the years.

You can personalize any design in my AngelCityArt Online Art store on Zazzle and all my designs now come on more totes, more T-shirts, unique customizable blank art cards, business cards, new travel mugs and other fun products.

AngelCityArt beach etching banner


Vintage Art Old and New
Restored antique art and new designs on custom imvitations, art cards, phone cases and more.

California & Los Angeles Deco Poppies and Mission Art
Logos for Los Angeles and California in an art deco or arts-and-crafts lettering style with retro California poppy flower art or a vintage mission icon.

Vintage Reading and Storybook Art
Beautiful, unique etchings and drawings from old books, lovingly restored to decorate cards, custom invitations, personalized bookplates and more.

Los Angeles and California Logo Art
Los Angeles and California logos in patriotic red, white and blue, groovy tye-dye designs, and retro classic colors on t-shirts, stickers, totes and more. For native Angelinos and travelers to the City of the Angels.

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